Castagneto Carducci

In the heart of the Etruscan Coast, perched atop a hill overlooking the countryside and the sea surrounding Castagneto Carducci, a beautiful medieval Tuscan village, developed around the Gherardesca Castle, built around 1000.

The village has paved lanes, natural terraces that view the sea and the countryside, pleasant square, ancient craftsman shop and typical small restaurants.

There are important monuments, such as the Praetorian Palace, the town hall, the churches of San Lorenzo and SS. Croficisso (for the wooden crucifix of the XV century in the church). The district, which was originally called Castagneto Marittimo, changed its name in the early twentieth century to honor the great poet Carducci, who spent most of his life.

Carducci lived in the building where the headquarters of the Centro Casa Carducci with testimonials and period furniture. At the Town Hall houses the Museum Carducci.

Many striking events that take place in the municipality, as the Food and wine review Castagneto at the table, Kaleidoscope, International Music Festival, and the Grand Prix Etruscan Coast, the classic race of the professional cycling world.