The Etruscan Coast is a famous area characterized by wild nature and incredible sunsets. Non only in summer but also in the other seasons offers the possibility to discover wonderful area. From an archaeological point of view the ancient Etruscan civilization is visible and present but not least is also the face of the medieval villages. Castagneto Carducci on a hill that offers a beautiful view of the beach overlooking the Belvedere Terrace, the the Castle of the Gherardesca together with the Church of San Lorenzo is the oldest part of town. Enchanting is the cypress street of Bolgheri, present in many poetries by Giosuè Carducci and its Castle.
Populonia and the Archaeological Park of Baratti, offer nature hikes to explore the ancient Etruscans and From the Rock, which can be visited, it has an exceptional view of the sea and the island of Elba.
Other jewels of Etruscan Coast Campiglia, Bibbona, Sassetta and Piombino are paths each year by thousands of tourists and trekking through that long horse rides and especially by lovers of cycling.

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